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    more than a thousends of ebooks packed in just 4Mb

    مجموعه مقالات بیش از 1000 عنوان تنها در 4 مگابایت
    مجموعه اصلی
    Masters Collection
    hey guys ... after all i decided to share one of my ebook collections with you
    as i once did it years ago ..here it is enjoy and also remember to read these:

    In this package alone, there are over 1000+ tutorial files, that I have been collecting for over 3 years now, everything from hacking to lockpicking. I hope you enjoy this package, and I will hopefully release more packages similer to this in the future, with more tutorials of course Smile

    First Date of Distribution :Year 2004
    Email: terrorist_ak47@hotmail.com

    Redistributed By Master in year 2005

    3th distribution By Master in Year 2008((After whole 3 Years)

    Hey guys there are great articles which is not yet outdated ... more than 90% is Useful and needless to say i have added some other articles which i found useful such as cracking win xp pass by bare hands!Massive Collection of Computer Ebooks in more than 100 fields etc ...

    try to redistribute this package and remember to respect us and if you are seeking new massive collections of Ebook just Email us ....
    bY THE way i spreaded this package once in year 2005 i think .. at "ProjectW" again handed it over to some of my friends in 2007 , one of them tried to make money out of this collection and that really bothered me ! so i decided to share it once more again and also needless to say ive been updating this collection and im glad to say this package Completely differs from the previously distributed ones ..as i mentioned once ... you may not see the difference at the first glance ... just check it out when you encounter a problem ! everything is just prepared from hacking bios to windows , some stuff may be completely out dated but the rest are still useful .

    and the Next Article Package updates will be out soon !


    خوب بعد از نزدیک به 5 سال از اولین باری که سری مقالات خودم رو پابلیک کردم میگذره . این پکیج شامل مقالاتی در زمینه کامپیوتر برنامه نویسی شبکه هک و ... هست که تعدادشون بیش از 1000 مقاله هست .. متاسفانه  یکی از دوستان بنده  تو سایتشون بر خلاف میل باطنی من این مجموعه مقالات رو برای دنلود گذاشتند ! که بار ها به ایشون گوشزد کردم که ازین کار امتناع کنند .و اگر قصد گسترش مقالات بیشن مردم رو دارند اونو بصورت مقالاتتی در سایتوشن قرار بدهند نه اینکه بصورت پکیجی با نام خودشون روانه دنلود کنند !! ...

    خوشبختانه این سری مقالات که در سایت ایشون قرار گرفته مقالاتی بسیاری رو درخود نداره که من بعد ها بهش اصافه کردم .. مقالا ت مربوط میشن به سال های 2000 تا 2003 ... و همین .. حدود 90 درصد اون مقالات از رده خارج هستند! اما این پکیج رو شخصا خودم آپدیت یکردم و مقالات بروز در اون گنجونده شده .. .که عموما طی سالهای 2006 تا 2007 صورت گرفته ...

    این پکیج رو در اختیار شما قرار میدم .حجم پکیج 4 مگابایته و مقالت رو در فایل تکست گذاشتم تا حجم کاهش پیدا کنه .. فایلهای ایچ تی ام ال و ...

    مطمعنا بخش های آتی .پکیج های مشابه رو حتما برای دنلود قرار خواهم داد  تا دیگه کسی روی دستم بلند نشه و زحمات منو و دوست دیگه منو بر باد نده و بنام خودش نزنه !!

    این مقالات در سایتهای بزرگ وارز از قبیل پراجکت دابلیو در سال 2005پابلیک شده توسط من و دوباره  در سایت های Forumw و Warez-bb قرار داده شده است ...

    این مقالات رو پخش کنید و اگر در مورد زمان ریلیس مجموعه بعدی با بنده تماس بگیرید ...

    فراموش نکنید که کپی رایت رو رعایت کنید و هر زمانی که از مقالات استفاده میکنید نام ما رو عنوان کنید ...

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    Road and Track October 2007
    PDF | 89 pages | 18.9 MB

    As America’s oldest automotive enthusiast magazine, Road & Track and its companion site, RoadandTrack.com, serve up the most authoritative collection of road test reviews, feature stories, comparison tests, racing coverage and technology features in the industry

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    Encyclopedia of Immunology

    Encyclopedia of Immunology (4-Volume Set)
    Academic Press | ISBN: 0122267656 | Second Edition - July 15, 1998 | PDF | 3072 pages | 199 MB

    With more than 700 expert authors from 22 different countries, the Encyclopedia of Immunology, Second Edition is the largest comprehensive reference source of current immunological knowledge available. It provides a broad scope and high level of expertise to the many aspects of the field of immunology and related areas, including microbiology, virology, and parasitology. Arranged into 31 subject areas with extensive cross-referencing and subject indexes in each volume, the Encyclopedia is easy-to-use for virtually any researcher, regardless of his or her field. Concise definitions of the subject area also introduce each entry. The Second Edition includes timely and thorough updates for all articles from the First Edition, more than 60 new entries, a glossary of immunological terms in each volume, a total of 500 figures and tables, and new color plates sections.

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    Muscle & Fitness - Break Through Training
    PDF | 2,63MB

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    Science Magazine .:. January 2007
    English | PDF Magazine | 135 pages | RAR 36 Mb

    مجله تخصصی علم ....یکی از برترین مجله های علمی در زمشنه های مختلف علمی که این شماره شامل موضوعات زیره ...

    Issue Highlights

    * Agriculture's Impact on Biodiversity
    * Random Stacking Beats the Heat
    * Dance, Turtle, Dance
    * Water Marks the Asthenosphere
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    The Encyclopedia of World Climatology (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series)'
    Springer| ISBN 1402032641 | 2005-08-01 | PDF | 854 pages | 58.57 MB

    A successor to the 1986 Encyclopedia of Climatology, this compendium provides a clear explanation of current knowledge and research directions in modern climatology. This new encyclopedia emphasizes climatological developments that have evolved over the past twenty years. It offers more than 200 informative articles prepared by 150 experts on numerous subjects, ranging from standard areas of study to the latest research studies. The relationship between climatology and both physical and social science is fully explored, as is the significance of climate for our future well-being. The information is organized for speedy access. Entries are conveniently arranged in alphabetical order, thoroughly indexed, and cross-referenced. Every entry contains useful citations to additional source materials.

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    Nature July 19 2007
    PDF | English | 22 MB

    Nature is a prominent scientific journal, first published on 4 November 1869. Although most scientific journals are now highly specialized, Nature is one of the few journals, along with other weekly journals such as Science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which still publishes original research articles across a wide range of scientific fields. In many fields of scientific research, important new advances and original research are published as articles or letters in Nature

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