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How to get a  boost speed in PCSX2

hey guys, its been a while since i started working with the pcsx2. after all i can say that , i achieved a setting that really worked (and works) and will give you a boost from 5(at least)to 10 or 15+ fps!. you may change the setting for consecutive frame to skip (the last blank where you can see number 2), you can increase it up to 4 . but i dont recommend you to go beyond that, cause your game will feel stutter after that! (and also with glitches it would be accompanied) , and its good to try 3 too. after all this is you that can say its ok .
i got 5 fps in Tekken 5~7. 10 fps in Bloody roar and 10 fps in MK Armagedon.
Actually  the current config doesnt make any stutter-like movementand thus wont give you stutter feeling while playing  at all..

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by the way you can increase the speed by using PCSX2 0.9.5 rev 396 X3.rar build series( im sure you uys know it all ) but to complement its greatness, i get more fps with this can try these builds to ensure the optimal speed is achieved.
(it is to be said that , you may have found this way already , if so , andif you have a better way to speed up the emu please leave a comment.