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                     How to SpeedUp Your game in PCSX2                

hey guys , ive been using this emulator for a while , and im pretty sure lots of you guys out there now that , this is the only PlayStation 2 Emulator  that truly did sth and runs many commercial Games, .
well so far so good ! nothing to be added or to be complemented by me! lol:
 what i want to share with you guys now is , to let you know how to configure your emulator so that you can be able to play smoothly and with more frame rate!

As you may know , the latest Svn builds consist of some improved features and options that let you have a full control on your emulator and thus running your game . here i will  tell you how to get most out of your machine in a terms of emulating! .
first of all you do know thatthis emulator consumes your Cpus power more than any thing else after that it coms Graphc cards + an updated Driver, needless to say im assuming you are having more than 512+ mb of Ram ( now a days with DDR2 rams and their chip prices , it looks   a bit stingy to hesitate increasing your machines (Pc)Ram. )
ok  . now , lets have look at those options that really affects the game on your emulator !
if you glance at the "Config" sub menu , you will notice the following Options in the last  session of the drop down list"
Speed Hacks

. by configuring the options in the specified sessions (CPu, Speed hacks, etc..)you will notice a great change in  your emulation experience (and gaming experience ). so read carefully.

in Cpu session ,all of  the left check boxes should be marked! (all of them. if you dont have a dual core ro Hyper threading(HT) Processor (Cpu), uncheck the option "Multi Threaded GS Mode" " :


on the right side of the cpu pane , you see couples of options "
most of them are self explaining , so i skip explaining them and go for the VU Skip Mode .
when this Option is enabled there are two out comes ( and some time 3 )lol)

1. you will get insane speed in your game (and hell yeah , the games Ok with full speed)
2.You will get a flickering screen while playing .
3. the game crashes!

. now lets see why there are 3 out comes for this options ad what are the possible causes!
1.i start with the sat two options!
flickering happens when you are using an old emulator ( i mean the .exe file ;build number such as svn 305) or you are using a Graphic plugin that is rather old ( such as GSDX 1.4 )or simply your Graphic Plugin doesnt support FrameSkip mode!  or what i can think of the last cause  is because of your game!
the games craches because of your emulator version, just update to the latest build and , use another version of bios if possible ( if you have it and or it is not contrary to your country copyright law) and  try again  you should get it working after that.

if you have the latest build , and latest graphics plugin and Driver,  then you should have no problem!

Pathces .
     if you can run your game, or the game craches , or anything else , first of all try using a patch for your game , you can find these patches at or just google patch  for pxsx2 and stuff like that .


here  you will find fixes for some games to be run by the emulator , its recomended to have    look there before trying to run your game!

Speed Hacks

in the latest svn build (latest SubVersioN)two option is added at the bottom of the Speed Hack pane,
if yo want more speed just click on SPEED , and by using this , you may see Garbage in your game or may your game crashes, if this happens try unchecking some of the check boxes, and then run your game . and if you want compatibility , just one guess! use compatibility.


i love this Session , By modifing this session you will get a huge Speed up in most of your games . but also note that these options may cause game craches too . or you will see garbage in your games. (most of the time these garbage things im talking about are not important .and you can relax and enjoy your game.)

usualy you dont need to change the  option on the left. but some times its necessary ( use trial and error to find out when it works fine for you or simply visit
but on the right side , there are options , usually its bst to configure it this way :
check Negetive
check Flush to zero
check Denormals are Zero.
while these Options are enabled ! you will get a sinsible boost in game speed!
needless to say checking these options will make some garbage , (e.g im FF 12 , the texts (menues, texts on maps, etx, disapears! to make them visible , just uncheck Denormals to zero ( or may be iFlush to zero, im not sure , just give it a try , you ll notice it !)

                                      How to get a BOOST in PCSX2
and now its the the time to give you some pieces of Advice and tell you how you can Get Insane Speed! Follow Up:

TRy Using VU SKIP Mode on Fighting Games such as "BLoody ROar 3, Tekken , and etc
these kind of games are most likely to be more compatible than any other game generes!

Try using GSDX 1.10 (buil 852 ). which is indeed the greatest Graphic Plugin available

Try Using the latest Bios Versions
Try Different Bioses To run YOur games , e.g TEKKEN 5 is ONLY PLAYABE WITH THE  BIOS VERSION  1.00 or 1.06. WITH ORTHER BIOSES IT WONT RUN!
(if you need to download any bios check the link at the end of this article)

Try using P.E.op.S SPU 2 1.90 as the sound pluging . when you select this plugin , go for configure, there , in the new dialog box, note the last option "
Enable THread MOde" check this Option and you will get a boost in your game!
check this link for the latest  versions of emulator ( nighly build) and Latest plugins !
 on the link specified below , you will find every thing you need , from the latest Graphic Plugin
GSDX 1.10 (buil 852 ) to the oldest one!

Its all self explaning.
Download the Latest Build ad Plugin of PCSX2                               

by using the latest Build "396_PPr319_HC3_pcsx2.exe"
By using GSDX (852)1.10 ,
Cpu , VU SKIP mode Enabed,
P.E.op.S SPU 2 1.9 selected and Thread mode Enabled
Speed Hacks   configured for MAXIMUM SPEED (by choosing SPeed)
Advanced by checking Negetive,  Flush to zero, and Denormals are Zero.
Cpu , MultiThread GS Mode Enabled
and cheking all of Options in GameFixe
i got the full speed in playing the game (Bloody Roar 3 us version ).
please note that you may get a fake frame rate of 20 or so in your game while playing ! , just dont pay attention to your game , you see , your feelings right! the game is insanely Fast! . 

you may want to know my PC specification , for comparison !here it is :
MainBoard: Asus P4p-800-x
Cpu: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 G HT (full cache! )(it means 1 mb of cache :lol)
Ram: 1Gig DDR Kingeston +256 Mb DDR Geil
GRAPHIC CARD: Nvidia 6600(AGP 8X) 128 bit and 256 Mb
HDD: Maxtor 120 Gig
PSU (Power) : 530 W (A) Green)

well as you see my system is kinda old , so with your modern pc you will be able toget even more speed!
, so go for it and enjoy your game

if you have any comment , share it with me

Bios Downloads

PS2 Bios JAP SCPH10000
جمعا 8 مگابایت

Scph 70012
if you cant see the links just . see the comment below.